Mechanical Emulsion Mist Separator SmogHog® Media

The Smog-Hog Media coalescence filter is a groundbreaking solution for the extraction of oil and emulsion mist from machine tools.
Its compact design holds a 3-stage filter concept complete with variable EC fan and intuitive touchscreen display.

The system can easily be adjusted to the required air/separation power on the basis of this.

Mechanical emulsion mist separator SmogHog® Media

Function Principle

Between the fine aluminum fabric pre-filter and ASHRAE/HEPA after-filter for the finest particles the filter unit with innovative PEACH® filter cartridges is located.

The filter medium consists of a synthetic material specially developed for filtering oil and cooling lubricant mist.

The special fiber structure of the PEACH® medium separates aerosols from process exhaust air in three flow directions, a feature not present in standard filters.

In the separation process, droplets penetrate deep into the filter material, where they coalesce and come together to form a larger drop which automatically drains out of the filter medium with gravity on reaching its maximum size. This, along with the graded density of the medium, prevents the filter from becoming clogged up and ensures there is only a slight loss of pressure during extended operating periods.

Functional Sketch

Functional sketch

Application Examples