Cartridge Filter - SFC

The classic functional principles of a mechanical filter, but developed further into a true surface filter with cleaning possibilities for substantial lifetime extension and high energy efficiency.

Dust collector and filter cartridges with nanofiber technology Protura® for the separation of

  • Metal dusts
  • Welding/laser/plasma smoke
  • Swarf
  • Soot
  • Glass and glass fibre
  • Plastic dusts
  • Mineral dusts

Using Parker filter cartridges with nanofiber technology Protura®, filtration qualities of up to MERV 15 can be achieved.

Dust collector - SFC

Function Principal

With a mechanical filter, dirty, particle-laden exhaust air is guided through a filter material, whereby pollutant particles are mechanically caught on and, typically, in the filter material. With loading the filter material becomes clogged up with time (cf. ‘Vacuum cleaner bag’). So, in normal filter systems, there is a continual need for more extraction power and a frequent need for filter cartridge replacement.

Parker has a different objective: Nanofibers or special filter media largely prevent depth filtration, filter cakes accumulate on the surface and these are cleaned off regularly with a compressed air blast into the containers. This ensures an extended lifetime of the filter media and increased energy efficiency thanks to reduced extraction power requirements.

Functional Sketch

Functional sketch cartridge filter

Nanofiber Technology

The nanofibers from Parker filter cartridges have a diameter of 70 - 150 nm (approx. 1/1000 of a human hair). These are stretched like a fine-mesh net on the filter substrate and form the basis for countless technological and economic advantages.

The dust separates on this fine-mesh net; even in the case of fine dust in the lower nano-range the highest separation performance is guaranteed. The following separation performances have been certified in independent test laboratories:

  • MERV 15* under ASHRAE Standard 52.2-1999
  • F9 under EN779
  • M under DIN EN60335

This filter cartridge can be referred to as a “genuine” surface filter. The nanofiber net prevents any penetration of dust particles into the filter medium and prevents depth filtration. The filtered dust remaining on the surface of the filter cartridges is automatically washed away via the integrated cleaning system during operation. This boosts the lifetime of the filter enormously (approx. factor 2) compared with conventional filter cartridges.

Filter cartridges Filter medium Filter
area (m2)
Nanofiber FR**
Cellulose polyester substrate with nanofiber coating
(low flammability)
24 80°C
Nanofiber FR,
Wide folding**
Cellulose polyester substrate with nanofiber coating
(low flammability)
12 80°C
Spun Bond P Polyester fiber fleece
12 120°C
Spun Bond T Polyester fiber fleece
with PTFE membrane on surface
12 120°C

* MERV = Minimum Efficiency Reporting Values

** also available in antistatic configuration

Application Examples