Electrostatic SmogHog® SH-M06 air filter with coalescence pre-filter

The all-in-one solution for the extraction of cooling lubricant mist from machine tools

  • Suitable for oil mist, -smoke and emulsion mist
  • Recommended for machine tools of up to 4 m³ interior volume
  • Recommended for high pollutant concentrations of up to 40 mg/m³
Electrostatic - SmogHog SH-M06

Technical Data

Pollutants Oil mist, -smoke and emulsion mist
Rated extraction capacity 1.000 m3/h
Speed infinitely adjustable
Max. fan power (idle running) 1400 m3/h
Electrostatic filter area 8 m2
Power supply 230 Volt 50/60 Hz, with 1.5m shock-proof plug
Motor power < 0.3 kW
Free discharge up to 200 Pa at rated power
Sound power level < 75 db(A)
Empty weight 78 kg
Dimensions (B x L x H) 498 x 1163 x 615 mm
Max. temperature 65 °C
Paintwork Structured paint in RAL 7035
Filter Factory-mounted on vibration dampers and mounting rails
Collector Conical with air dampers incl.
Connection to machine DN 150 pipe socket
Pollutant discharge ½“, 18 mm ND hose nozzle