Electrostatic Filter - SmogHog / FSA

Electrostatic filter systems are particularly suitable for separating pollutants such as

  • Oil mist/oil smoke
  • Emulsions
  • Plasticisers
  • Plastic/soldering smoke
  • Welding smoke with oily components

Engineering and production take place at our location in Germany.

The advantage for you: A filter system that adds value with low follow-up costs. Energy costs are approx. 50% below those of mechanical filter systems and filter elements are washable. Therefore no costs are incurred for wear parts.

Electrostatic filter - central exhaust

Function Principle

The all-in-one solution against oil mist, oil smoke, softener vapor and emulsion mist

A simple but effective design ensures high separation performance of 96 - 99% even for ultrafine particles < of 0.001mm. The dirty air is extracted by a vibration-absorbing fan, first encountering a mechanical pre-filter which separates larger pollution particles and ensures an even distribution of airflow.

After the pre-filter is what is referred to as the ionizer. Here the remaining fine pollution particles are continually positively charged by electrons and ionized air molecules in fractions of a second.

The collector performs the actual air purification. It consists of a range of vertical metal plates positioned parallel to the pollutant flow. Within the collector, positively charged pollutant particles in an induced electrical field are deflected in the direction of the earthed plate.

The vertical installation of the metallic plates ensures excellent flow behavior since the separated pollutants can simply be drained via a siphon.

The collector plates where the pollutants are separated can be cleaned and reused. We would be happy to perform this service for you in our modern ultrasonic unit. The pollutants are of course disposed of in environmentally friendly manner.

Functional Sketch

Functional Sketch Electrostatic Filter

Application Examples